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In 1994, Q Industries successfully tendered for the supply of operating equipment to one of its Singapore clients
who built and operated the Saigon Prince Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.
This first project 22 years ago launched our presence in Vietnam with offices and warehouse facilities
Ho Chi Minh City and a sales office in Hanoi.
Having offices in the country brings the company closer to our clients in Indo-China,
allowing us to understand their needs better.

Our Services

We provide integrated procurement solutions to our clients, including on-site logistics management, concept advisory,
and design consultancy.
Our team of experts excel at designed specially to meet your unique requirements and budgets.

Our Range of Products

We stock a wide range of products in Vietnam, ensuring that our clients have all they need to provide their clientele
with the best equipped restaurant or cafe.
These include chinaware, in-room amenities, and our proprietary brand of Quantum Pro™ kitchen utensils.

Our Brand Partnerships

We collaborate with the finest global brands to give you the edge over your competitors,
delivering you quality products that add to the overall appeal of your business operations.

Q Industries