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Thirty years into the hospitality industry, Q Industries is known for being a provider of quality tableware and kitchenware to renowned hotels, restaurants and clubs in Singapore. With our logistics team and warehouse located right here in Singapore,
we are well-equipped to take care of the individual needs of our clients in the hospitality and food service industries.

Our Services

We provide integrated procurement solutions to our clients, including on-site logistics management,
concept advisory, and design consultancy.
Our team excel at devising concepts that are innovative yet functional.
Our solution-based approach is designed specially to meet your unique requirements and budgets.

Our Range of Products

Be it the needs of your maître d’hôtel or the executive chef, we have a range of products to suit your procurement decisions,
and we make it possible for your business to operate like clockwork.

Our Brand Partnerships

We collaborate with the finest brands from around the world to deliver quality products that add to the overall appeal of your business operations.

Q Industries